Ward No.6

by Anton Chekov

New Performances:
Thur. 24.4.; Fri. 25.4.; Sat. 26.4. and
So. 27.4.2014
8 p.m.

 Theater im Pumpenhaus

Tickets: 0251-233443 oder wwww.pumpenhaus.de

Price: 13;- Euro, 8,- Euro

Ward No.6 (1892) tells the story of a psychiatrist, who becomes a patient of his own asylum, because he surrenders mentally amid dull hillbillies apart from the Russia that is capable of reform. The Theater Sycorax fills the ward with a bubble of voices from Chekov's plays, continues the frightening idea that Chekov goes through in his narrative: That the border between us, the apparently more or less healthy people, and the psychologically ill, who are bursting from themselves and their no longer controllable feelings, is very thin, even arbitrary and anything but stable.

Ensemble: Marleen Böhm, Julia Eggerbauer, Angela Kugler, Yvonne Köster, Eva Kuß, Leonhard Lamprecht, Delia Martin, Katrin Röntgen, Konrad Schönberger, Simon S. and Dirk Steidl Directors: Paula Artkamp, Manfred Kerklau, Stage: Oxana Malexova, Costume: Tina Toeberg, Light: Volker Sippel, Mask: Sabine Schubert, PR:Rita Roring, Grafic- Design: Verena Blom, Foto: Ralf Emmerich

Eine Produktion von Theater Sycorax in Koproduktion mit dem Theater im Pumpenhaus, gefördert von: Kulturamt der Stadt Münster, LAG Soziokulturelle Zentren NW e.V., mit Mitteln des Ministeriums für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport, Stiftung Siverdes