Wage Work and Love's Grief


by Johanna Kaptein

Premiere 14.11.2012 

Wage and love. Labor and sorrow. Or wages and suffering. Work and love. Or: custom work and heartache. Johanna Kaptein  tells of these combinations and interactions in four case reports. The focus of this mini-dramas are: The Soziophobiker of the post, the despairing clerk from the call center with a Hello Kitty cell phone, the rich man without any sense of money and  the retired, abandoned bus driver - their lifestyles are, to say the least, on the brink . It lacks only a step. just a few minutes they have time to seal their fate. A quarter of an hour for each of them decides on employment or unemployment, love or hate, life and death.

And then there are also the voices that tell everyone what they have to do: namely, to top oneself. Death as a way out of wage labor and heartache. As the voices laughing up their sleeves. And be pretty upset if their incitement to suicide not even work.

The four mini-dramas are a social kaleidoscope, a biting commentary on the relationships between work and private happiness and hearty peppered with devilish humor.

Actors: Marleen Böhm, Yvonne Köster, Sarah Kramer,  Konrad Schönberger, Simon Schwering, Josef Terstiege, Daniela Struck und Monika Valsch

Director: Paula Artkamp, CoDirector: Jennifer Frost, Stage: Daniela Rabenmilch, Costumes: Tina Toeberg; Music Composition: Kai Niggemann; Lightdesign: Volker Sippel, Make Up: Sabine Schubert, Public Relation: Rita Roring, Grafic- Design: Verena Blom, Foto: Ralf Emmerich

Performing Rights: Felix Bloch Erben GmbH&Co KG

A  Theater Sycorax  Production in Coproduktion with Theater im Pumpenhaus, sponsored by: Kulturamt der Stadt Münster, Fonds Soziokultur; LAG NW, Stiftung Siverdes,

Trailer Wage  Work and Love's Grief