Theater Sycorax

(founded 1996)

Sycorax, the witch from Shakespeare's play The Tempest, ruled the island of Prosperos and gave birth to her son, Caliban.

  • is an integrative and project related theater for people who have psychiatric disorders or have had boarder line experience
  • awakens creative energy and reduces resentments
  • promotes integration
  • is not a medication and has positive side-effects
  • plays with the literary world (Büchner, Kipphardt, Shakespeare) and creates imaginative worlds
  • promotes teamwork
  • sends clear signals against the stigmatization of psychiatric disorders

Theater Sycorax, under the artistic direction of Paula Artkamp and Manfred Kerklau, creates acting and performances using the special qualities of the "other secret worlds" experienced by the actors and actresses within themselves, and has created theater performances with unique magic, power, and poetry on national as well as international stages. The intensity and expression is compelling, touching, and rebellious.

An especially emotional, full-blooded theater with a dimension of authenticity and density is brought to life. The secret of being wild and different as well as being artistically controlled remains.

Together with professional groups from all around the world, Theater Sycorax with its production of "Woyzeck" marked one of the high points of the Madness and Arts World Festival 2003 in Toronto, Canada. In Germany, Theater Sycorax has been convincingly superior in guest performances at festivals in various cities.