Grenzgänge (2000)

Cultural Festival
"Grenzgänge - normally crazy-crazy normally"
Theater Sycorax, together with the Documentation Bureau for Literature and Psychiatry of the Westfälischen Wilhelms-University Münster, hosted the cultural festival intitled 'Grenzgänge - normal verRückt-verRückt normal' (Grenzgänge - normally crazy-crazy normally) in February 2000.

In addition to a series of theater productions by various groups, the program also contained readings as well as performances, films, discussions and lectures dealing with "Normality and Craziness".
The aim of the festival was to target a debate between literary and theatrical art by persons with mental illness. During the festival, Theater Sycorax performed "Fahrten und Gefährten" (Travels and Companions) in the Städtische Bühnen Münster (Münster's City Theater).
In addition to this, a two-day-long work exchange also took place with the theater group entitled CHAOSIUM from Kassel, which, like Theater Sycorax, also works with mentally ill people.

"To complete this "Crazy Cultural Week", Theater Sycorax together with Chaosium created a free workshop performance that created an important bridge between psychiatry and the public. This turned out to be one of the high-points of the Borderline Cultural Festival."

(Zeitschrift für Soziale Psychatrie)