Travels and Companions (1999)

A fantastic journey into the world of dreams.

Before sleep overpowers us, we bind ourselves into a circle revolving around the passing of the hours, the order of the years, and the worlds, finally moving into the irrational worlds in the state of "dozing". The same happens when we begin to awake and the order of the world has not yet been achieved.

 "Expressive gestures, a precise choreography, elaborate lighting and color and an effective stage design combine to form a rhythmically dense network which reminds one of the increase of tension in a string quartett."

(Westfälische Nachrichten)

 "In the end, the sand-woman checks everything out and looks back. She knows that it was good; this play of fantasies, memories, and desires."

(Zeitschrift für Soziale Psychiatrie)

Mama, do you caress me when I am asleep?
I kiss your temples. You have such small lungs, much too small.
I bring you air so that you don't stop breathing.
Do you take me with you to get air?
I carry you through the night; walk with you over damp moss and rough stones, soft flowers and dried leaves.
Where do I awaken?
Wherever I want you to awaken.
And when will I awaken?

(from L. Wiczok's: Travels and Companions)


(Photos: Ralf Emmerich)