Swimmer of Longing (2005) *

A terminal, an airport somewhere - mass transit. The principle of longing is indispensable for the travelers - it has infected them. Now it is pushing and dragging into the unknown. Among them are refugees who are driven and seduced by wild desires and illuminating dreams. One person is already carrying paradise on his lips, the other is making his life easier by traveling only with carry-on luggage and leaving his wife behind. Unattended luggage provokes an alarm. The lines during transit are long - long enough for absurd and powerful cavort by the 12 people whose paths coincidentally cross there. "Sehnsuchtsschwimmer" is an attempt about the anatomy of longing with seamen, buccaneers, near and far.

"I don't know why I am so easily in the mood today. Tell me, why am I so happy today?
This morning I woke up and saw the light of spring and happiness stirred within my soul. All at once, everything made sense in this world and I knew how one ought to live.
As if I were sitting in a sailboat, above me the endless sky filled with large white birds."


"What now? Happiness?

Is happiness finally spreading and glowing like a sloped pile of lurid snow?
If not there, then where?
Happiness; a happiness softly stitched on its kurves and ends."


"Ensemble Sycorax fascinates with a sensitive airport melodrama."

(Münstersche Zeitung)

"The 12 persons express their desires into words in an expressive and uncanny manner. The strength of the performance lies in powerful acting. The performers seem to live their roles."

(Westfälische Nachrichten)

Alexandra Brink
Andreas Balke
Johannes Bayer
Hans Jürgen Blümel
Mechtild Klockenbusch
Steff Schmidt/Bianca Austermann
Ulrike Laubrock
Daniela Platz
Jutta Nahamowitz
Alexander Widey
Konrad Schönberger
Guido Terbaum

Artistic Direction: Paula Artkamp, Manfred Kerklau
Fascilities: Hans Salomon
Lighting: Volker Sippel
Costume: Bettina Zumdick
Make-up: Sabine Schubert
Sound: Andreas Tiedemann
Script: Paula Artkamp
Public Relations: Rita Roring

This project has been sponsored by: Kulturamt der Stadt Münster, Theater im Pumpenhaus, Stiftung Siverdes, Volkshochschule Münster, Förderkreis Sozialpsychiatrie, Fördermitglieder von Sycorax e.V.

(Photos: Ralf Emmerich)