Something is still coming (along) 

Based on its great success, the waiting area of the future will be opened again. Inside are 12 people. Whether there is a future for them stays open. All without a job, they sit between the chairs, trying to regain their composure and hope, without a chance for a scrapping bonus. Patrizia Lando, Konstantin Wacker, Armin Schulze, Manni, the man with the dachs-hound, Mrs. Goldbach, Mrs. Femris, Mr. Augustin Knöterich and others made from flesh and blood have all seen better times, at least professionally. Now, each and everyone of them drifts through the past and the run of their lifes. The present stays in the short radius of the waiting chain. Enough time to reflect and check, if they´re still of any use. What goes on? Is anything happening? Will anything happen? Preparation for the starting signal is most important – collect energy, present yourself, outrival the competitor, sharpen your unique position. Ready for action, they´re wishing, hoping, they are vain. Or they have just settled right there in the waiting area and in the question, whether it´s worth to even participate in measurable success.

The first impulse for this indigenous production about deliberate or undeliberate idleness was Iwan Gontscharo´s novel „Oblomow“, published in 1858. Under the direction of Paula Artkamp and Manfred Kerklau, an absurd and bizzare collage of waiting room scenes was created, laced with lively memories of more active times, with chimney fire in the waiting hall and the outcry: „I just want it to be my turn!“


„It is an absurd play, humorous and serious at the same time. „Something is still coming!“ gushes with energy, scrapes the surface and goes into depth. Laughs and long applause guaranteed.“ – Westfälische Nachrichten 


Actors: Andreas Bäumer, Johannes Bayer, Alexandra Brink, Jens Dombrowski, Beate Reker, Ulrich Lott, Jutta Nahamowitz, Konrad Schönberger, Gerd Sowa, Guido Terbaum, Corinna Trostheide, Benjamin Wiegers

Direction. / Regie: Paula Artkamp, Manfred Kerklau

Text: The crew / Regina Laudage / Paula Artkamp

Assisting: Theresia Furth

Stage: Alex Eden

Costumes: Bettina Zumdick

Light: Volker Sippel

Public Relation: Rita Roring

Graphics: Verena Blom

Fotos: Ralf Emmerich


A produktion of „Theater Sycorax“ in co-operation with „Theater im Pumpenhaus“,

Supported by: „Office for cultural affairs, City of Münster“, LAG Soziokulturelle Zentren NW, Stiftung Siverdes, „Office for schools and advanced education, City of Münster“, Partner Stadtwerke Münster 2009