My Soul is Burning (2004)

Based on motives from: "Victor ou les enfants au pouvoir" by Roger Vitrac.

It's Victor's birthday! On September 12, 1909 he will be nine years old. He is terribly intelligent and already 1.80 meters tall. Since he does want to become a "real" man, he has decided to start becoming one today. This, however, is rather difficult. But who can refuse a child's birthday wish? Until the General and Antoine make the calamitous decision to marry Victor and Esther - of course only as a jamboree ... Victor's father, Monsieur Chamelle and Esther's mother, Madame Terese Magneau, are not at all amused by this. In the end, two decent families are caught in a bitter feud which only Lilli, the house maid, escapes. All in all a rather strange »children's birthday«, instead of playing "hit the pot", the pots go flying and the good manners go to hell in the middle-class parlor. Sycorax presents itself in this performance as eruptive with wild grandness and as hysterically funny.

"The Sycorax ensemble has created a bizarre, dismal, and macabre farce. "My Soul is Burning" sharply cuts through society's outer-covering and allows the foul smelling guts to flow out. Sycorax hurtles the audience through an emotional rollercoaster."

(Münsterische Zeitung)

"Sycorax, under the direction of Paula Artkamp and Manfred Kerklau, demolishes this ideal world with thievish delight to entertain. Logic ceases to exist where hoax turns into nightmare and a smile turns into appall. What remains is a huge pile of ruins and a blood bath. As well as the house made who realizes that, "this is a Drama!" "How right she is!"

(Westfälische Nachrichten)

Victor: Alexandra Brink
Charles, his father: Ulrich Bärenfänger
Emilie, his mother: Sabine Hillenbach
Lili, her maid: Astrid Klosterkamp
Esther, Victor`s girlfriend: Ludgera Blomberg
Antoine, her father: Johannes Bayer
Therese, her mother: Steff Schmidt/Bianca Austermann
General 1: Andreas Balke
General 2: Gerd Sowa
Ida Totemar: Jutta Nahamowitz
Additional guests:
Hans Jürgen Blümel
Konrad Schönberger
Guido Terbaum
Artistic Direction: Paula Artkamp, Manfred Kerklau
Facilities: Hans Salomon
Light: Volker Sippel
Costume: Bettina Zumdick
Make-up: Sabine Schubert
Sound: Andreas Tiedemann
Recording: Tonstudio im Bunker
Script: Paula Artkamp
Public Relations: Rita Roring
Trainee: Heike Namazi

This project has been sponsored by: Kulturamt der Stadt Münster, Theater im Pumpenhaus, Stiftung Siverdes, Volkshochschule Münster, Förderkreis Sozialpsychiatrie, Fördermitglieder von Sycorax e.V.


(Photos: Ralf Emmerich)