Heaven is on the other side (2006) *

13 people "practise the world" and run for their lives. Is it a training camp or just all of our agenda? They would be willing to do anything to catch a tip of success. The coaching for the "life battle" is programmed, the time is running and being important and acting important want to be practised thoroughly. In order to stand up to life you have to know all the tricks of the trade - or be abandoned by all angels? Life is taken into account with elemental anger to the point of exhaustion , a showdown Western-style, and nobody gives up.

But there is still something ticking beneath the ice; have the wishes and dreams really sprung from children's hearts? / I am screaming until someone takes me into his arms and won't let go the hope that an angel will warm my back. / May the world seem split between the compulsion to succeed, functioning and the hope that there is still something else, it isn't possible to split reality. Thank heavens and angels are everywhere...

Andreas Bäumer
Andreas Balke
Johannes Bayer
Alexandra Brink
Gerrit Hübner
Mechtild Klockenbusch
Ulrike Laubrock
Daniela Platz
Annerose Schäfer
Konrad Schönberger
Guido Terbaum
Anja Wilhelms

Artistic Direction: Paula Artkamp, Manfred Kerklau
Assistant: Marcell Lehnert
Script: Paula Artkamp
Fascilities:Hans Salomon
Costume:Bettina Zumdick
Make-up: Sabine Schubert
Lightdesign: Volker Sippel
Music: Paula Artkamp,Manfred Kerklau
Bearbeitung der Texteinspielungen: Kai Niggemann
Public Relations:Rita Roring

Thanks to Sebastian Otto, Frank Zöllner und Hannah Pelny
This project has been sponsored by: Kulturamt der Stadt Münster, Theater im Pumpenhaus, Gesellschaft der Musik- und Theaterfreunde Münster und des Münsterlandes e.V.


(Photos: Ralf Emmerich)